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EmEditor Professional 9.11

Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: 9.11
Разработчик: Emurasoft
Платформа: x86 + x86_64
Совместимость с Vista/7: полная
Системные требования: IBM PC x86/64 + 10Mb HDD + 16Mb
Язык интерфейса: английский+русский+русификатор(mui)
Таблэтка: Присутствует (cracked + patch ADMINCRACK)
Описание: EmEditor — текстовый редактор для Windows с возможностью подсветки синтаксиса исходных текстов и поддержкой регулярных выражений. Программа поддерживает 32-разрядные ОС Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, а также 64-разрядные - Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows 2003 x64 Edition, Windows Vista x64 Edition. Поддержка Windows 7 ru.wikipedia.org
После установки импортировать в реестр файл .antiflu\!regNclean.reg и заменить в папке с установленной программой EmEditor.exe на соответствующий пропатченный файл из папки .antiflu
32 битную версию можно пропатчить самостоятельно с помощью приложенного EmEditor.v9.11.x86-patch.exe
Portable версия в двух комплектациях: чистая emed911.x86.ENG_portable.zip и уже пропатченная зарегистрированная с русским MUI на борту emed911.x86_portable-cracked.mui.rus.zip
EmEditor Professional 9.11 (full-version)

Updates from 9.10 include:

- Fixed the bug that EmEditor did not accept a registration key for users upgraded from RegNow.

- The Korean version is available now.

Updates from 9.08 include:

- This version sends a portion of registration key only when entering the registration key. There will be a notice in the dialog box to enter the registration key. Therefore, a notice dialog box will always appear before EmEditor sends a portion of the registration key. Registration key information will not be submitted when checking for updates. Note that even if no Internet connection is available, you may still continue by entering a registration key without an Internet connection.

- By default, a confirmation prompt will appear before checking for updates. The "Prompt before checking for updates" check box was added to the Update Checker dialog box.

- The text box to enter a registration key was removed during the Installer. A registration key can be entered after EmEditor first launches, or as a command line option for the Installer.

- After capturing text from an Internet Explorer text field, and then closing the tab of Internet Explorer crashed EmEditor. This was fixed.

- The /cd option did not work correctly. This was fixed.

- Fixed the bug that the Font Category was not changed after reloading as another encoding.

- Fixed the bug that middle mouse button scrolling mark did not disappear after pressing ALT + TAB.

- Fixed the bug that EmEditor did not print Japanese text correctly with a Western font.

Updates from 9.07 include:

- Fixed the Undo bug in overwrite mode.

- The user registration information is now completely removed during Uninstall if a user selects "No" to "Do you want to keep EmEditor settings?" message box.

- When using Recycle Bin to Backup, for instance, saving "test.html" removed "test_files" sub folder. This bug was fixed.

- Fixed the cursor position bug after clicking selected text.

Updates from 9.06 include:

- In the Snippets plug-in, when more than on snippet items have the same trigger string, the popup menu now includes numbers, and pressing a number key can select the snippet.

- Fixed the bug that the placeholder selection may have been wrong.

- The snippet configuration association list is now initialized with the current associations with the parent folder when a user clicks "Auto complete only with following configurations."

- The digital signature check is now disabled due to issues with some users.

- Fixed the bug that might crash related to auto indent.

- Auto complete bracket did not work correctly when the cursor is at placeholders of the Snippets plug-in. The auto-complete bracket is now disabled at placeholders.

- While EmEditor was running, moving a cell in Excel might have caused the "Cannot empty the clipboard" error message appear in Excel. This issue was worked around.

- Fixed the bug that CJK Extension characters may have been partially disappeared when scrolled horizontally.

- Fixed the bug that the tab may have been redrawn unnecessarily.

- Fixed the bug that, while narrowing, pressing the left arrow key when the cursor is at the start of a line did not move the cursor to the end of the previous line.

Updates from 9.05 include:

- "A new version avaialble" message now appears on the Tray Icon as a ballon tip. Also fixed the Update Checker issues.

- Fixed the issue of selecting text when a tab character is used with proportional fonts.
- In the New Version Available dialog, the Download Now button allows you to download the file directly without login to Emurasoft Customer Center.

- In the New Version Available dialog, the View Changes button allows you to view change log in the Web Brower.

- Fixed occasional crashes in FindInFiles method in macros.

- Fixed that replace speed was slow.

- Fixed freeze when specifying a non-existing network drive in the Find in Files dialog.
- Logitech mouse tilt wheels with SetPoint software are supported for horizontal scrolls.

- The EmEditor path is now added to the Path environment during install, and it is restored from the path environment during uninstall.

- The Character Code Value command is now enabled even when one character is selected.

- Optimized the EmEditor launch speed.
- Fixed the bug that the Update Checker checked updates every time EmEditor launched even if the checker settings were customized.

- Fixed the bug that the launch speed of EmEditor was slow on v9.02.

- Fixed the bug that text drag and drop was disabled on v9.02.

- The background color of pagebreak marks is now used for the outside range of narrowing. The default background color of the outside region becomes back to white.

- "https" is now used to retrieve new updates.

- The ">" button in Find/Replace dialog box now inserts a regular expression at the cursor position.

- Logitech mouse tilt wheels are supported for horizontal scrolls.

- Fixed the bug that selecting "Home Group" in the Explorer plug-in crashed on Windows 7.

- Fixed the bug that #icon in macros did not correctly specify icons.

- Fixed the bug that the Snippets plug-in did not work in the XML configuration.

- Fixed the bug that the Outline plug-in did not work well for comments.

- Setting MaxClipboardHistory (REG_DWORD) as 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\emsoft\EmEditor v3\Common now disables the Clipboard history.

- The EmEditor icon now appears in the installed program list for uninstall.

- Fixed the bug that pinning the EmEditor icon on the Start menu to the Taskbar caused two EmEditor icons appear on the Taskbar on Windows 7.

- Russian edition localized by NedMaker available now.
New General Features

* The CSV (Comma-separated), TSV (Tab-separated) and DSV (User-defined delimiter-separated) modes are supported now. You can select vertically a specified column, or sort values at a specified column. In conjunction with the narrowing mode, you can sort only selected lines.
* Narrowing mode added. The Narrowing command assigns only the selection as editable area and make the rest inaccessible. (Before trying the Narrowing command, make sure the Outside of regions background color is different from the General background color.)
* Supports Windows 7 Jump List. The jump list can be customized, and it also includes the recent category. In order to have the recent category work, Always Add to Recent Documents Folder check box in the File tab of the Customize dialog box must be checked. The recent category is different from the recent menu that EmEditor manages, and only those files with the extensions associated with EmEditor will be included in the recent category.
* Supports Windows 7 Task Button Progress Bar.
* Full Screen mode added.
* Clipboard history features were added.
* Right-clicking on the recent file list or recent folder list displays a popup menu, where you can pin, unpin, or remove an selected item from the list. You can also open an item from this folder, open Windows Explorer, open Command Prompt, or copy path.
* Wildcards are now supported in the command line. For instance, running "emeditor.exe *.txt" will open all the txt files in the current folder.
* New command line options (/act, /clw, /cjl, /n, /od, /rr, /scrlf, /scr, and /slf) added.
* Brackets/Quotation marks can be auto-completed now. For example, typing {, will insert } automatically after {. When text is selected, typing " will surround the selection with "".
* Indentation after #include or Label: line can be ignored now.
* Incremental search is supported in the Find and Replace dialog boxes.
* The = button was added to toggle between single and multiple text boxes in the Find and Replace dialog boxes.
* The Find in Files and Replace in Files dialog boxes are modeless now.
* The replace format "(?n:true_expression:false_expression)" was added to regular expression replace formats.
* The standard input can be entered in the Output custom bar.
* Drag and drop a tab now allows you to choose between copy/create shortcut of the current file and create a new group.
* You can now right click on a button on the Tools toolbar to display the tool properties directly.
* Macro paths are saved as relative path to My Macros folder now.
* Characters specified in the "Treat the following characters as alphanumeric" text box in the Customize dialog box now work with Find/Replace.
* Cursor size and color can be customized now.
* In Windows Vista and later, with User Account Control enabled, EmEditor now allows you to save files into protected folders such as "C:\Program Files" after a prompt to elevate the privilege.
* EmEditor can now save the Undo information with workspace, and allows you to save untitled documents without naming the files. EmEditor can prompt to save workspace when it is about to exit, and the prompt dialog box can be disabled.
* The Horizontal/Vertical lines are now drawn below text, and flickering was completely eliminated.
* The UTF-16 entry was added to the Auto Detect encoding dialog box.
* The Context menu on the Ruler was added, and new commands: Toggle CSV Mode, Adjust Comma positions, and Select Column were included.
* The features related to the standard input and output were added to the external tool feature. This allows you to use an external tool as a filter.
* The line text at the cursor position or the entire document can be passed as a parameter to an external tool now.
* The standard output of an external tool can be retrieved and inserted into the document.
* The output encoding now includes the Save as Active Document option.
* The IME contextual reconversion is supported now.
* The Reconvert key is now enabled even when no text is selected.
* The Properties command added to the Context Menu on a plug-in button even when the button is in the main toolbar.
* Text color and background color of custom bars can be specified now.
* The Clipboard format copied from a box selection is now compatible with Visual Studio.
* The cursor now jumps to the invalid character position if a null or invalid character is detected during the opening after the warning dialog.

New plug-in features
Snippets plug-in

* Now, the snippet tree includes not only snippets, but also macros. These macros don't need to be saved as a file.
* Trigger strings and shortcut keys (Tab by default) can be specified.
* Tooltip hints can be specified; the tooltip appears when the trigger string matches the typed string. The tooltip verbosity and delay time can be adjusted.
* TAB and SHIFT + TAB can be used to jump between placeholders.
* Snippets and macros text can be edited in the EmEditor editor.
* The plug-in can work in the background even when the Snippets custom bar is hidden (set in the Plug-in properties).
* Global parameters can be specified.
* The new Interface object can be used to communicate between snippets and macros.
* The parameter symbol was changed from \{x} to ${x}.
* The plug-in can easily import EmEditor and TextMate snippets by the Import command or drag and drop snippet files from Explorer to the Snippets tree.
* The new shell code format allows you to use snippets as filters. The shell code allows you to pass the standard input to an external tool, and then receives the standard output and insert as a snippet.

Outline plug-in

* The Narrow and Widen commands were added.
* Comments can be collapsed now (Make Comments Collapsible check box in the Outline plug-in Properties).

Projects plug-in

* Files to include, files to exclude, and folder to exclude can be specified now using wildcards (Solution Properties - General tab).
* You can now use a fixed tag file. You can specify the fixed tag file name in the Symbol tab of Solution Template Properties.

Explorer plug-in

* Icon overlays are supported now.

New options

* Incremental Search check box and the = button were added to the Find dialog box and the Replace dialog box.
* Auto-Complete Brackets/Quotation Marks check box and Bracket Pairs list box were added to the Highlight (2) tab of Configuration Properties.
* Clicking in URL Selects the Whole String check box was added to the Link tab of Configuration Properties.
* Use Regular Expressions check box and Ignore After (Regular Expression) text box were added to the Tab/Indent dialog box.
* Detect CSV (Comma-Separated) check box, Detect TSV (Tab-Separated) check box, Detect DSV (User-Defined Delimiter-Separated) check box, and Delimiter text box were added to the File tab of Configuration Properties.
* Use Selected Text in Find/Replace Dialog Box check box in the Search tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Tab Mouse Options dialog box was moved to the Mouse tab of the Customize dialog box.
* CTRL + Wheel to Change Font Size check box in the Mouse tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Custom Bar Colors - Use System Color check box, Custom Bar Colors - Text button, Custom Bar Colors - Background button, Cursor Size and Color - Width drop-down list box, Cursor Size and Color - Height drop-down list box, Cursor Size and Color - Use System Color check box, and Cursor Size and Color - Color button in the View tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Sort tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Automatic Workspace drop-down list box and Do not ask before exiting check box in the Window tab of the Customize dialog box.
* The New Window for New File, otherwise New Tab option was added to the Open In drop-down list box in the Tab tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Close on Exit check box, Input drop-down list box, Custom text box, Add EOF check box, Output drop-down list box, and Include Standard Error check box were added to the External Tool Properties Dialog Box.
* Associate with EmEditor button was added to the Association tab of the Customize dialog box.

New commands

* Clear Output Bar
* Full Screen
* Cycle Clipboard Ring
* Customize Jump List
* Normal Mode
* CSV Mode
* TSV Mode
* DSV Mode
* Adjust Separator Positions
* Select CSV/TSV/DSV Column
* Sort A to Z
* Sort Z to A
* Sort Smallest to Largest
* Sort Largest to Smallest
* Toggle Narrowing
* Set Narrowing
* Reset Narrowing
* Sticky Vertical Mode
* Scroll Left
* Scroll Right
* Customize Sort
* Customize View
* Customize Mouse

Macros new features

* Interface object
* Interface property was added to the Window Object.
* IgnoreAfter property and RegExp property were added to the IndentProp Object.
* DetectCSV property, DetectTSV property, DetectDSV property, and Delimiter property were added to the FileProp Object.
* clipboardData Object enhancements.

Plug-in API new features

* EE_CLIP_HISTORY message.
* EE_EDIT_TEMP message.
* EE_GET_ATTR message.
* EE_RUN_MACRO message.
* ATTR_INFO structure.
* CLIP_INFO structure.
* RUN_MACRO_INFO structure.
* TEMP_INFO structure.
* Editor_ActivateTemp inline function.
* Editor_CloseTemp inline function.
* Editor_EditTemp inline function.
* Editor_GetAttr inline function.
* Editor_GetClip inline function.
* Editor_GetClipPos inline function.
* Editor_GetOutputString inline function.
* Editor_InsertClip inline function.
* Editor_RunMacro inline function.
* Editor_SaveTemp inline function.
* Editor_RemoveClip inline function.
* Editor_RotateClip inline function.
* Editor_SetClipPos inline function.
* EP_DISABLE_AUTO_COMPLETE message to plug-ins.

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